Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chicago Times... August 7th and 8th

We arrived back in Chicago Sunday afternoon and decided that, having spent all weekend with our friends in Detroit, we needed (obviously) to spend more time with them. Nick and Angela planned a big Southern feed: friend chicken, hush puppies, spicy collard greens, cheddar grits and coleslaw. One of the things I missed most about our friends in Chicago is the way they all get together for big blow out community dinners.

Following our trend of never having a meal alone, we met our friends Greg and Katie the following afternoon for Brunch at Glenn's Diner. Glenn's Diner has a cereal bar with over 40 different types of cereal and we had fun pyscoanalyzing each other based on our cereal preferences. My favorite will always be Cinnamon Toast Crunch due to an unfortunate banning of said substance from my home as a child. That said, I don't at all understand the chocolate cereals: cookie crisps, cocoa puffs, etc. Chocolate for breakfast? No thanks, unless it comes in the form of a croissant.

Slack lining in the park is a must for lazy Chicago summer days.

We ended the evening at Kincade's on Armitage playing Trivia with Dan and Heather and enjoying their $1 burger deal.  Our nerdy team name:  "Ron Weasley and the Riders of Brohan".  Stupidest Trivia question we missed: "Which company uses the slogan 'good to the last drop'?"

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