Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Day! August 6

All ready for the wedding our two close friends, Kimberly and Brendan, in Detroit

So great to be back with my best friend, Nick. No he's not 42 as this photo projects
Trev, me, Paulie, Jimmy, Joe, and Tyler. Not looking too bad given
we hit the d-town street basketball scene hard about an hour before

The sweet outweighs the bitter in this photo. We were all so excited about this event, and the wedding was glorious. However, we were not all excited about a 90 degree day and about 193% humidity, no A/C probably within 5 city blocks, and no fans except these hand-helds. Humorously we all cried more tears of backsweat than from our eyes...  

Our good friends Clair and Rich, and background special guest huffin' puffin organ man.

Kimberly is a methematician, and was therefore sure to come out with the most calculatedly beautiful dress. Brendan, on stage, was wearing a very uncalculatedly beautiful boy smile her whole walk down.

All ringin' bells for the bride and groom

The reception was at a Players Club that just had its 100 year anniversary. Basically old dudes (and NO dudettes) get together and perform plays for each other in a beautiful castle-like structure, complete with many secret rooms, etc. I think when 50 of us were dancing to Lady Gaga on stage it may have somewhat dishonored the space, but it was worth it.


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